High Altitude Auto Recovery LLC

Company Name: High Altitude Auto Recovery LLC

Longmont, CO Repo Man - Repossession Company

Main Contact: Rudy Maldonado Jr
Phone Number: 1(855)REPO-ALL
Second Number: (303) 253-5070
Fax Number: (303) 648-4966
Website: http://www.quickrepo.com/high-altitude-auto-recovery-llc/
Email: Rudyjrrecovery@gmail.com
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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 994

Longmont, CO 80502

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About High Altitude Auto Recovery LLC:
  • Our company is capable of providing all necessary services including, but not limited to, Impound Recovery (liens paid/advanced in your behalf), Involuntary Repossessions, Voluntary Repossessions, Storage, Bids/Sale of the Collateral, Keys, Transportation/Delivery and Locate/Skip Tracing.
  • We dispatch teams of adjusters to all areas of Denver and Northern Colorado on a regular basis. Each team is comprised of (2) two adjusters who are employed exclusively by our agency. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the few repossession agencies that do not use self-employed contractors. Our repossessors are actual employees.
  • Furthermore, all vehicles used in the course of repossession are owned, licensed, and insured by our company. This is not the case with many of the other repossession agencies operating in the state. They save thousands of dollars annually, by using self-employed contractors who are responsible for maintaining their own insurance that is usually minimal coverage. This form of insurance is usually far from being compliant with industry standards and may place your financial institution at an enormous risk should a lawsuit arise. In this day and age, when so many people are “lawsuit happy”, proper insurance coverage is a must.
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